The electronic system of the car unlocks and protects against theft.

car unlocksToday, the ignition key in cars not only unlocks the door, not only turns on the ignition system, but also sends a signal to the security system that owner is trying to get access to the vehicle. The thing is in the electronic chip with set code that security system reads.

Many people are surprised of such high degree of difficulty starting the engine. There may be a serious problem, because of which you will not even be able to start the engine if the key is lost, and the new order is not always easy and quick, especially if the car owner lives in the countryside.

On the other hand, the system is provided by manufacturer primarily for the benefit of the owner of the vehicle. In principle, and the door can be opened if, for example, use the mount, and crank the ignition switch by the special tool. But that’s only the engine will not start. It turns out that the ignition key in the modern car is the most reliable protection against its theft.