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2016 Nissan Maxima Car Review

Outpouring fix the car coach and welcome to another episode this time we’re talking about the new 2016 Nissan maxima. This is a very bold new design it’s got great technology really impressive interior and it’s got luxury it is a 4 DSC which the 4 door sports car. I was really impressed with its completely new design both inside now let’s take it for a spin. The all new 2016 Nissan maxima is a true improvement over the previous generation the 4 door sports car has positioning with bold new design. Authentic performance hardware and be spoken here that rivals other luxury nameplates in that market segment.

2016 Nissan MaximaThis is the flagship for Nissan and the Maximo features 300 horsepower out of a 3.5 liter V6 engine. It’s lighter it has a more rigid chassis beds bringing sports car like acceleration and handling sort has breakthrough styling and it’s based on. Local Nissan design with your unique. Strong features in a futuristic design language including the V motion front and the signature boomerang 2016 and LED 2007 Nissan Maxima headlights. They kick up see pillars and unique floating rough appearance it’s anchored by a command central drivers cockpit no words they pitched it slightly so it’s more directed toward the driver rather than just flat.

Center like most of the vehicles have and it certainly has luxury involved too now the all new maxima include standard nissanconnect with navigation and an 8 inch touch screen display 2 USB ports remote engine start review monitor and more the transmission is a CVT it’s their new extract sport tuned. Transmission with adaptive shift so has a G sensor and new suspension and reduced chassis vibration and that’s all writing and Goodyear tires that are all season and they also offer an optional summer tire now as far as handling the intelligent dynamic module software adjusting suspension to create an active ride control has a break integration to keep the car flat on the corner she don’t get body roll, you get real nice control the road great traction to the roadway others a sport mode which changes, the engine shift points the steering input and harmonics from the engine moving on to the interior is a real contrast stitching so the stitching is real love the flat bottom steering wheel with the alcon tear inserts. The diamond quilted seat inserts have premium leather. Liquid chrome faceted finishes really nice high end finishes for this vehicle in this class very impressive I like the touch screen where you can take your navigation and swipe to the left like an iPad and it goes in between the gauges in front of you than your old knobs or like a watch that’s also really nice.

They call 0 grabbing seating with the extra padding better I’m still a fan of lumbar support so in my opinion personally I’d like to see a lumbar adjustment vehicle is very quiet inside with the new acoustical glass in active noise cancellation and the Bose sound system is really nice the driver attention alert uses steering input to establish a baseline sort notice is that your behavior has changed if it does it will give you an alert if that continues this is certain to keep you from falling asleep behind the wheel which is great because most vehicles don’t have that. There is the safety shield technology which includes the around view camera which I really love on this car moving obstacle detection active cruise control and parking assist which is wonderful there is no all wheel drive which is a negative for me especially when you live up in the northeast again that’s a personal opinion. Competes with Toyota Avalon Acura TLX Chevy impala Chrysler 300 for tourists Audi a 42 liter turbo and the BMW 328.

Lot of car here if you haven’t taken a look at one you should this car should be one of the cars of the year for some of the categories that are out there or at least a finalist I have to say really impressive car overall just wish there was will drive you can see this has dynamic handling log that hell could tear inserts in the flat bottom steering wheel being center display which is standard push button is standard these are these are things back up camera standard these are very impressive things to add one of when you’re looking at the competition prices start about $32000 feeling negative I could come up with is that it didn’t come in all wheel drive but that’s a personal choice becomes front wheel drive with all season tires optional summer tires. Car is beautiful design plenty of space the interiors very luxury in pain you can’t go wrong it’s a Nissan maxima this is their flagship car take one for a test drive your comments below also follow us on Twitter at Lauren picks.